Traxxas' Mike Jenkins Wins Final Round
of TORC Series Pro 4X4 Competition



Las Vegas, NV (October 24, 2009)—After fifteen rounds of intense off-road competition, it all came down to one final race. Las Vegas Motor Speedway was host to Rounds 15 and 16 of THE Off-Road Championship series (TORC), and this weekend was expected to be filled with excitement as it capped off the inaugural season for TORC. Racers laid it all on the line knowing they would have the entire off-season to get their equipment back in shape!

In Round 15, a crash ended Mike's race early as his #47 truck caught its nose on the tabletop and spun around on the front bumper. The truck landed on all four wheels but it knocked the rear axle out, ending the race for Mike. The Traxxas team rallied to repair the truck and attack the final round of the TORC series with a winning strategy. Las Vegas Motor Speedway had built a truly torturous track with a tacky, muddy surface that loaded the trucks with extra weight and clung to suspension parts, impairing handling and adding additional stress to the critical components. Recalling the famous racing adage, "to finish first, you must first finish," the team took extra care to go the distance. Confident that visibility and attrition would be a factor, driver Mike Jenkins viewed the race as a marathon, not a sprint, and determined that conserving his truck for a final push to the front would be his best chance for success.

The gambit paid off. Starting from the last spot on the grid in the eight-truck field, Jenkins stayed within striking distance, plucking tear-offs from his visor as mud pummeled his helmet. Johnny Greaves exited the track first, hooking a rut and rolling the truck on lap three. By lap eight, season points champion Rick Huseman's Pro 4x4 headed to the hot pits. Rick would come back and run two more laps before parking his damaged truck for the night. During lap ten, Adrian Cenni's hood broke loose and barn-doored his windshield, causing mayhem on the track as he tried to race blind. Mike Jenkins was prepared for each opportunity and capitalized on the carnage to move into second place by lap eleven, leading out Scott Douglas, Steve Barlow, Adrian Cenni, and Curt LeDuc as the survivors raced into the final laps. With just three laps to go, Kyle LeDuc crashed into a K-rail while in the lead giving Mike the lead, but the race was far from over. On the next to last lap, Douglas’ truck burst into a huge fireball and the track was red flagged. After the burnt carnage of Douglas’ truck was removed, four trucks headed into a green white restart for a final lap of mayhem. All the trucks made contact in turn one, no driver willing to lift. But Mike Jenkins would not be denied as he shoved the pedal to the firewall and shot ahead of the field. With intense pressure coming from Steve Barlow in second, Mike held his line and captured his first win as the fans roared with approval. "This is a team victory, we’ve worked really hard to bounce back from some terrific crashes as Mark and I continue to gain experience racing in the dirt. Our entire team has known to expect plenty of crashed equipment as we develop our skills in off-road. We are so pleased to enjoy this early reward for the all of the team effort that has been invested during the last 21 months."

Traxxas will continue to sponsor the Jenkins Brothers Racing team and THE Traxxas Off-Road Championship. Mike Jenkins and the entire Traxxas team look forward to even more success in the 2010 season.

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